Author: Safia Ahmed

Trump shows Willingness to hold Phone Talks with Kim

After engaging in an unprecedented war of words between the North Korean Leader, Kim, and United States President, Trump, for months, passing on comments like “little rocket man," "short and fat", a "madman", (to Kim), "mentally deranged dotard (senile person) deserving the death penalty", (to Trump) and threatening the other to wipe off other’s country from the Earth’s face, Trump said yesterday that he “absolutely”...

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Twitter clarifies Why it won’t Ban Donald Trump

The Nuclear Disturbance between North Korea and United States has been a hot subject of news. In response to the nuclear tests of North Korea, the United Nations Security Council approved strong new sanctions against the country. But the issue is not over.   During the annual New Year's Day address, Kim mentioned the existence of a nuclear button on his desk capable of hitting the United...

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