15 Amazing Camera Shots Taken on Right Time

15 Amazing Clicks Taken on Right Time

Nature is always beautiful and every one of us wants to imprison the beautiful moments spent with nature closely. And if you have a camera, you can capture more than beautiful moments which can be even more stunning if you clicked your camera on time. Here are some spectacular clicks taken perfectly on time.

1. An amazing camouflage

An amazing camouflage

Don’t worry if you cannot have a clear view. Just climb on someone’s head. Is this lizard wise enough to have a clear view or she is thinking the frog blends in with the grass? Whatever is, but this frog is just a cool buddy for this smart lizard.

2. Deep thinking can be deadly

Deep thinking can be deadly

Should it be thought as the tragic end of this bright colored bird or a scrumptious meal of this snake? I am not sure what happened next to it because there is still a trivial chance for the bird to come out of the thoughts and realize what’s going to happen.

3. Owl looks beautiful when it laughs

Owl looks beautiful when it laughs

In some areas owls are taken frustratingly but if they see this picture, they would love this bird. By the way, I really want to be the part of his joke.

4. Huddled birds

Huddled birds

This is the best way to fall a peaceful tepid sleep on a branch without flipping over.  These eight cuddle buddies are really enjoying a fear free sleep.

5. Morning paper is not only for humans

Morning paper is not only for humans

This photo reminds me of the boring routine of my uncle who used to read morning paper while waiting for his coffee to brew. Animals sometimes are just like us. But this chipmunk doesn’t seem boring while reading paper even though he is standing.

6. Amazing things happen when done with friends

Amazing things happen when done with friends

This is one of the best examples of teamwork. One ant on its own can never move this much food. This is why ants live in colonies, to collect food for every member. These must be acrobat ants.

7. Are sharks so friendly?

Are sharks so friendly?

This picture is amazing not only in the sense that an animal is giving five but because this animal is “A Shark”. I never thought that this creature can be so friendly. This guy should swim away.

8. A helping hand

A helping hand

Sometimes a helping hand is everything for us especially in this much ice and cold. The first panda is lucky to have caring panda friend who is generously helping in climbing.

9. Three fold meal in a single dive

Three fold meal in a single dive

This little bird has done a lot of practice in fishing. A single dive of this professional is enough to get it’s babies feed.

10. The Coolest photo I have ever seen

The Coolest photo I have ever seen

“I told you not to disturb a monster. You never listen to me. Thank God I came on time and helped you. Now keep calm, you are safe.” Doesn’t it the story behind this photo?

11. Yawning is catching  

Yawning is catching

At first sight, this photo seems to be edited by copying a yawning fox three times but this is a real photo proving “yawing is contagious”.

12. Relax, it’s not going to bite you

Relax, it’s not going to bite you

Almost all snakes are very colorful, (the only thing which makes them beautiful) but this snake is looking more beautiful because his dreadful fangs are hidden or might be broken. whatever happened to his fangs, it’s looking cute. Isn’t it?

13. Are they confused?

Are they confused?

I think this fawn has not seen his mother yet. That’s why he is thinking the dog his mother and the dog is giving the impression as if he is his mother. Both of them are confused.

14. A talking story of bravery

A talking story of bravery

This is my favorite most photo and I am sure it’s going to be yours too. The bravery and strength the impala has can be seen clearly in this photo. This is a unique story of courage and spirit even after the death is so close.

15. Weaving bear is saying goodbye and pointing to wrap this article

weaving bear

This weaving bear is looking cute but let not this photo fool you. Studies show that bears kill one person every year. So, Stay away.