Experience a New Freedom While Driving With Chris: A Digital Co-Driver

Experience a New Freedom While Driving with Chris: A Digital Co-Driver

Dreamed up in Berlin, Germany and Palo Alto, California a new device “Chris”, built with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, is a co-driver to help you feel free and completely focus while driving. It’s a smart mobile device designed for drivers with speech recognition and gesture control. Just connect Chris to your smartphone to operate messaging, calls, music, navigation and much more while you are driving. Chris listens, learns and talk to you as a friend and helps you in operating your smartphone with innovative speech recognition, gesture control and supportive artificial intelligence. It works in any car having any model and age and needs no efforts for installation.

Chris: A Digital Co-Driver Features

The elegant design needs no touch to stay connected as smartphone and all information is able to be seen on the color screen.

The more you interact, the better Chris works. It lets you know when there is new Facebook message, WhatsApp, SMS or Email in your inbox and then reads it out to you.

Chris reads out messages to you

You can stay in contact through call and messaging with your hands on the wheel and can start a new conversation with just a gesture of your hand. The number of contact is unrestricted.

Chris makes call for you with hand gesture

You can listen FM music or from your smartphone.

You can listen music with Chris

It can speak English and Deutsch and soon many more languages.

Chris speaks English and Deutsch

Chris tells you when traffic changes and finds you the best way without jamming in traffic with real-time traffic information. Just enter your destination and change directions with gas stations, parking lots, restaurants highlighted on your way. Its navigation works offline too.

Chris makes you avoid jamming in traffic

It not only functions smartly but also has smart beautiful design. Chris effortlessly intermingles into the interior of your car with an iconic round screen and a high end aluminum ring around the display.  It has the following technical details.

  • Size: 3.9’’ x 3.6’’ x 3.8’’ / 10.0 x 9.2 x 9.6 cm
  • Weight: 6.4 oz / 182 g
  • 2 ” TFT LCD color display
  • Built-in voice-optimized speaker
  • Digital MEMS microphone group
  • High-resolution gesture sensor
  • Li-ion battery 1 week battery life (stand-by), 1h (operation)
  • FM transmitter 76MHz ~ 108MHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0 + LE
  • Connections: USB-C (power)
  • Temperature range -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

Chris Design

Chris requires a Bluetooth enabled smartphone. In 2016 the team focused on designing and prototyping the product and since January, 2017, the team is putting Chris into production. This Kickstarter project will really turn your driving dangers into a safe, luxurious journey.